Hattah kulkyne national park

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Hattah kulkyne national park

Hattah Kulkyne National Park

Flora and fauna

This park has Cultural spiritual and aesthtic qualities. There are hills in the park which in some belifs mean you are closer to god. There are more than a thousand aboriginal sites. And the birds and vegetation look bright and aesthetic.

Water Pumping

Water pumping

A promblem in this park are the lakes drying up. A soloution to this promblem is pumping water back i to the lakes. 200 million litres of water have been pumped back into these lakes so this soloution is working in this park

Another promblem with the park are foxes. Foxes are taking over the park, they are killing the other wildlife in the park. A soloution to this is killing the foxes. This is not working because there are to many foxes

To protect this park for future generations to enjoy we must fix all or most promblems, like the foxes and the lakes. Without fixing these promblems this park will not be enjoyed in the future like it is now.


The Hattah Kulkyne National park has lots of unique wildlife it has 720 different types of plants 6 of which are endangered. It also holds an endangered species of bird, the endangered malee fowl (the bird in the picture)

One of the biggest promblems in the hattah kulkyne national park are the lakes. During summer there is no water, this is because of water pumping. The water is getting pumped out of the lakes and being used for other reasons.


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