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Hatshepsut Project


* Daughter of Thutmose I & Ahmose* Married her half-brother Thutmose II* Thumose II had a son called ThutmoseIII* Became Queen Regent after Thutmose II's death because Thutmose III was a baby* Biblical scholars believe that Thutmose II was the pharaoh from the Exodus.

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Amazing pictures from the period

Her Reign was a time of peace and propserity with no major wars.Was able to get and keep respect of male advisorsOne of only 3 women in Egyptian history to be a King of Egypt

Was She a Good Ruler?

Temple Deir el-Bahri *Her Mortuary Temple *Considered a wonder of ancient Egypt.Red Chapel *Shrine in the temple of KarnakExpedition to Punt *Trade with faraway places *Brought back ivory, ebony, and gold

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