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HatchetBy Gary Paulson

ExpositionBrian is a twelve year old boy traveling across the vast Canadian forests in a one-passenger airplane to see his father. After his parents got divorced, he began to make yearly visits, so he could see both of his parents. He noticed the pilot looked sick. He saw him push back in his seat and he realized what was happening--he was having a heart attack. He tried to unbuckle the piolot, but it was too late, he was dead. Brian knew he had to land the plane in the water, so he went to the pilot's seat as the plane plummeted into an L-shaped lake. He made it out of the crash and swam to the surface. Exhausted, he crawled to the shore, layed on his back, and fell asleep. All he had with him was the hatchet his mother gave him.

Rising ActionBrian has been trying to survive in the forest for two months. During that time, he had many obstacles in his way. He had deal with harsh situations such as extreme weather, wild animals and blood-sucking insects. To survive, he made tools with his hatchet that helped him to build shelter, find food and protect himself. After a tornado destroys everything he had, except for his hatchet, he realized he needs to return to the plane to get the survival pack.

ResolutionWhen he heard the helpicopter, he immediately went outside to see what it was. The helicopter landed and he spoke to the pilot who had heard his radio transmission and came to investigate. The pilot said everyone thought he was dead and what a surprise it was to find him. Brian heppily climbed into the helpicopter relieved and excited to be heading home.

Falling ActionBrian goes through the survival pack. It contains a sleeping bag, a rifle, a box of matches, and alot of food pakets. He also pulled out a radio communicater. He tried flipping a few switches, but heard nothing, so he thought it was broken.Still happy about finding the pack, he starts to cook food. After a little while, he begins to hear sounds of a helicopter.

ClimaxBrian decides to build that would hold the survival pack. He then swam half-way across the lake to the airplane. It's tail was sticking out of the water. Using his hatchet, he pryed open a hole in the tail and swam in. Even though he found the pack quickly, it was not easy to remove it form the plane. After some effort, he got the pack and swam back to shore. Brian felt relieved because now he had a chance to survive.

What you need to surviveMUST READ!1. A sharp trusty hatchet or tool2.A spear and bow for hunting.3. A nice cozy shelter with some place for storage4. Water5. Food such as rabbit, fish and berries (if you know what kind are edible).6.A fire to keep you warm and away from insects.Important note: This will only last you a certain amount of time based on how resourceful and smart you are.

How to make a shelter the Brian Robeson wayCAuTION!DON'T FORGETStep 1. Fine an overhang that provides a good amount of space to store things. It also must have space for a campfire.Step2. Once you have found a suitable overhang, start making walls. To do this you will need lots of sticks and some thick reed. Put at least 10 sticks in a row and tie them together tightly, then fill in the space between the were the sticks conect with smalling sticks to make the wall wind proof. Don't forget to leave a space for a door. If you want to make the walls thicker, add another layer of wall.Step 3. For the door, use rabbit hide and tie it to the two ends of the door. Make sure there is no flesh on the inside of the hide. If it is not cleaned well, bugs will be attracted to your shelter. If you dont have and rabbit hide, just use thick reeds and tie them to the top. This is not as protective and should only be used for a temporary purpose.Now you have a great shelter that can last you a while. Don't forget to upgrade it when you have the chance.

ConflictBrian knows that he cannot survive much longer when he renembers the survival pack in the plane. If he did not get that pack, he would probibly die.

A good overhang for a shelter.