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BOOKW.7.2,.4,.5,.6,.8By: Georgette Duran

Thirteen year old Brian Robeson is on his way to his fathers house since his parents seperated, they both live in different houses in different places, Bryan is staying over at his dad's house for the whole summer. In the plane its just Brian and the pilot so it must be awkward. While the pilot and Bryan are in the plane, the pilot decides to give Bryan a once in a life time chance quick try on flying the plane.

Once in a life time

The bear

Before Brian even starts building his lean-to he has to go and find food. After walking and walking for a couple of minuites he comes across a berry bush. He starts eating a bunch of them without taking a breath. He finally finished because his stomatch started hurting and the berries started giving him a weird taste in his mouth. Brian decided to pick some berries from the bush and take them backto the shelter. Right after he finishes taking mostly all of the berries from the bush he came across a bear that started growling at him it looked like it wanted to attack him.Brian finally decides to run away from it and back to the shelter.

All Alone

Brian Robeson is now all alone without knowing what to do except what the pilot taught him.The pilot has just died because he had a heartattack Brian is scared to death right now he needs help.Brian notices that the plane was running out of gas. He did not want to get hurt but he had to land the plane anywhere he sees is safe for him.The first thing he sees is some trees, an L shaped lake and a moose.He finally decides and lands the plane in the lake.

Brian Robeson is now stranded in a Canadian wilderness lost without knowing if he will survive or make it.

Brian Robeson is now thinking to himself that the searchers will not come and he will have to get up, find some food and water and make a shelter and not just sit under a big tree all day long god knows until when.





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