Hatchet by Gary Paulson

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Hatchet by Gary Paulson

Author: Gary Paulson

Title: Hatchet

Main EventsThe pilot has a heart attack and Brian tries to get in contact with people but he runs out of connection and the plane ends up crashing.


Problem, Central Conflict

What you think about the Book?

I would recommend it to people that like the outdoors or survival stories.

Jacob Sander

He has to survive by himself, until people find him.

Main CharacterBrian Robeson lives through a plane crash a finds a way to get food and live by himself.

Russell comes in at the end of the book, he finds Brian.The pilot is in the beginning, he has a heart attack and dies.

ThemeShow how adults aren't the only ones that could live by themselves, kids can think of creative ways to live and find food.

SettingsIn a quiet timber, with a lot of small ponds or lakes.

Minor Characters


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