[2015] Megan Bastidas (Default class): Hatchet

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[2015] Megan Bastidas (Default class): Hatchet

Hatchet By: Gary Pulsen Glog done by: Megan Bastidas

Previously in Hatchet.....Brian is on his way to visit his father when the plane he is riding crashes somewere in the canadian wilderness. After going through over and over again in his head what he can and can't do, Brian now struggles to survive vulnerable and solitude.

The following items are crucial for Brians survival:Food,Water,Shelter,And Fire.If brian can not find these recources it is very likley it will be fatal.


Whats happening in Hatchet....Brian is still solitude and frightened. he has managed to find food and water by the lake he crashed in. Brian is held aghast when he finds rasberries and mortified when a large black creature AKA: a bear startles him in broad daylight. Brian has managed to make a shelter and get some rest. meanwhile Brian NEEDS A FIRE. Brian is very relavant on what he is doing.

Brian's character traits

Brian has two sides of himself.Brian is very scared and pitty with the horrible secret he has not told his dad prior to his crash..on the other hand brian is very determined and courageous as it says in the word cloud.

Brian's Sides

Newberry Honor author Gary Pulsen

There were many things that I though were important in this book.*Brian Is wishing that he never saw his mother cheating on his father. He also wishes it was sham in the first place,. He wishes it was a figment of his imagination.*Brian uses prior information to try to help him find shelter, food, and water.

Please watch this Hatchet Book Trailer.

Word of adviceDon't get lost in the wilderness !

Please Note:Most of my information was found in the book hatchet. My pictures were found on google images, the book trailer was found on youtube. I created the word cloud on Abcya.com.THANKYOU



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