[2015] 3rdkaleb Ballard: Hatchet

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[2015] 3rdkaleb Ballard: Hatchet

Setting=Time and Place of storyTheme=Main idea of a storyForeshadowing=the use of clues that hint an important plotTone=Writers attitude towards a subject Imagery= the "word pictures" that writers create to evoke an emotional responseClimax=The moment of highest emotional intensity within a plotPlot=the events in a storyIrony=when the outcome of the situation is differnt from what the reader expected

the theme is man versus nature

Hampton, New York; the Canadian north woods; New York City




PLOTBrian Robeson, a thirteen-year-old from New York City, boards a plan headed from Hampton, New York to the Canadian north woods to visit his father. His parents' recent divorce weighs heavily on him, as does "The Secret" that his mother is having an affair. The pilot gives him a very brief flying lesson in which Brian has control of the plane for a few minutes. The pilot seems to be experiencing increasing pain in his shoulder, arm, and stomach. At first Brian does not think it is very serious, but as the pilot begins jerking in his seat it becomes clear that he is having a heart attack. The attack stops and the pilot is dead; Brian is forced to take over the controls. After a harrowing descent, the plane crashes into a lake in the Canadian woods, where Brian is stranded.

IRONY- It is ironic that Brian's mother gives him a hatchet as a gift before he leaves, because it is the tool that essentially saved his life.

Foreshadowing- The pilot's pains early in the flight; Brian's flying lesson; Brian's fear of seeing the dead pilot's head

Climax When Brian becomes the "new Brian" after his suicide attempt when the plane flies overhead without noticing him.

Tone-Urgent, young

Imagery-He was momentarily blinded and slammed forward in the seat, smashing his head on the wheel.


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