[2015] Mian Wei: Hatchet

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[2015] Mian Wei: Hatchet

SETTING:- 1980'S- In a northern canadaforest.-Around a lake- Apart of the story is on a plane, and New York.

Main Character:Brian Robeson:Brian is a boy who lived in America, when he was 12 years old, his family been through a divorce. his father decide to leave a family and went to work in a nothern canada oil field, while brian stay iwht his mother in new york.when he was on the way to viste his father, the poilt died due to a heart attack, and now he is in a forest, struggling and trying to find a way to survive.Charateristics: Brave Careful Creative Alert



Conflict1.The main conflict of the story is: Starvation2. Side conflicts: 1. the family divorce 2. he can't make a fire

PLOT1. Brian was goig over to canada to viste his father.2. the poilt died due to heart attack and he was stucked in a forest.3. he created a shouter.4. he realize that the most important thing he needs is food, so he found some gut berrys to eat.5. the berries are not good enough, so he made a trip to found new food.6. he found some good rasberry to eat, but the darkness at night made him feel scared.7. he spend 3 days finding the way to make fire.8. even know the fire was up, he still needs alot of wood to keep it going, he still need a closer food source so he would have time to gather wood.9.even know he got some more food, but it's not enough to keep him alive.10. he made bow and arrow to hunt fish.11. he survived for a long time with all the resorces he got, but a tornado distoryed his base.12. he made a better shounter to protect both him and his food.13. he found a signal tracker which bring the air plane to find him.

EXTRA:From my reaserch during this project, i found a short video about the plot of this book that's made by a group of student. i found it intresting and i wish to share it with this class.

Theme:The Way to Survive

Improtant Quote:1.Mistakes. small mistakes could turn into disasters, funny little mistakes could snowball so that while you were still smiling at the humor, you could find yourself looking at death.2. now he look at the back of the dark cave and thought of it as when he learned the most important thing, the most important rule of survival, which was feeling sorry for yourself did'nt work.

My opinion about this book:for me, i thought this was a Great book, im not a person who really enjoys reading, but this book actually tracked my attention on it, not just because of the way they discribs the charicteristics and the main ideas is very clear, the plot is also very interesting.


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