[2015] Jazmen Preziosa: Hatchet

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[2015] Jazmen Preziosa: Hatchet

The pilot flying the plane to Brian's dads house had a heart-attack while flying it. Brian trys to take control, and he lands the plane in a lake in the Canadian woods. Brian has to learn to survive for 47 days with only the clothes he was wearing and a hatchet his mother had gave him.


Brian Robeson

The airplane had crashed and Brian faced difficult times in the Canadian woods. First of all, the plane had crashed in the lake which meant almost everything in the plane was now soaked. Second, he didn't know how to survive in the wilderness with just one pair of clothes and a hatchet. One night, a porcupine stumbled into his shelter he had made. Brian kicked the porcupine, and it slapped him with its tail of quills. Another night he found a skunk in his shelter trying to dig up the turtle eggs he had buried as food. Brian threw sand at the skunk and it had sprayed his face. He was completely blind for about 2 hours. Then, a female moose tossed him around into the water like a chew toy. After that, Brian came across a tornado that destroyed everything he had built since he crashed the plane. On the day he thought he should go into the plane to get an emergency survival bag, the rescue plane had come. Not because they finally found him, but because he turned on the emergency transmitter by accident.

Setting-Part of the Canadian woods

By Gary Paulsen

" His fingers gingerly touched a group of needles that had been driven through his pants and into the fleshy part of his calf. They were stiff and very sharp on the ends that stuck out, and he knew then what the attacker had been. A porcupine had stumbled into his shelter and when he had kicked it the thing had slapped him with its tail of quills. "

" It was a cow and she had no horns, but she took him in the left side of the back with her forehead, took him and threw him out into the water and then came after him to finish the job."

Genre-FictionPoint of View-Third PersonTheme- Brian was stranded in the Canadian woods and had to survive with only the clothes on his back and a hatchet.

Resolution- Brian accidentally turned on the emergency transmitter and a rescue plane had tracked his location. The pilot had finally found him.

" 'Look can't we talk this over? Can't we talk this out? Can't you tell me what's bothering you?' And there were the words again. Divorce. Split.The Secret. How could he tell her what he knew? So he had remained silent, shook his head and continued to stare unseeing at the countryside,and his mother had gone back to driving only to speak to him one more time when they were close to Hampton." This shows that Brian was mad t his mom and would not talk to her because he knew her secret.

Brians mom was dishonest because she was cheating on Brian's dad, which he did not know yet, but Brian knew. He saw it happen.

Book Level- Grade Levels 5-8Climax-When the pilot had a heart attack while flying the plane.Protogonist- Brian

A Book Report By Jazmen Preziosa

What I Thought of The Book-I thought Hatchet was an amazing book and I didn't think that it should have ended just like it did. I loved Hatchet and I would consider you read it if you like survival books.



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