Harvest Festival

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Harvest Festival


The Festival was mostly celebrated by the Eastern Woodland because of the strong agricultural base in the area. During the height of harvesting and gathering there would be great music celebration of thanks with music, song, dance, gifting and feasting. The general celebrations often last from 4 to 7 days or even longer depending on the area. The rest of the time is used for working hard to prepare for the winter

By: Mark Gregoris, Andy Armanious and Fabio Sacco

The Practice of the Ritual

Items Used

The items used in the harvest festival are foods that they had harvest such as acorns, beans,birch bark, blackberries blueberries, vegetables, seeds, meats and much more. As much food as possible is sun dried and smoked dried and hung in lodges and buried in food stores.

Significance of the Ritual

The signifigance of the harvest festival for the canadian aboriginal is that it is to celebrate to bountiful harvest every season. They give thanks to the gods and to the Earth for there harvest. This is the last big festival before the harsh winter in the north so the food is very sacred to them


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