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Harry Wong

Dr. Wong says:“You have the power to change your students' lives. But you have to convince your students that they can achieve. That's half the battle. The other half is to convince yourself that you can make a difference.”“Unless you have your classroom organized for success, nothing you do is going to make any difference. You have to be organized and ready. what we teach is how to be proactive, how to come up with a plan to prevent most of the problems from occurring.”Rebora, 2013

Harry Wong

Meet Harry K. Wong, the author of The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, and learn the secret to your success in the classroom!Harry K. Wong, a former high-school science teacher in Menlo Park, California, is now one of the country's leading speakers in the field of education.Wong’s 'Give Me Five' Technique for a quite classroom in 5 seconds!Eyes on speakerQuietBe stillHands freeListenStarr, 2005

Start off right!

Classroom Management

The three characteristics of an effective teacher are: 1) has good classroom management skills, 2) teaches for mastery, and 3) has positive expectations for student success. Effective teachers MANAGE their classrooms. Ineffective teachers DISCIPLINE their classrooms.All effective classrooms have structure. A series of procedures and routines equals structure.Glavac, 2012

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Create a Plan!Just as a pilot has a flight plan, a coach has a game plan, and a wedding coordinator has a wedding plan, effective teachers have a classroom management plan. The plan consists of procedures that create a classroom environment that is safe, trusting, caring, and benefits the students. An atmosphere is produced that is less confusing and geared towards maximizing learning opportunitiesWong & Wong, 2012

Routines and Procesdures!




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