[2015] Shana Naushad: Harry Seidler Biography

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[2015] Shana Naushad: Harry Seidler Biography

When Harry Seidler was twenty four years old, he moved to Australia. Before he came, his parents were both in Sydney, and he was in New York. Seidler. When he was just 15, he was sent to a prisoner camp in Canada, as an enemy alien. Seidler was here for 18 months, which inspired him to become an architect even more. It was a very traumatic experience.He came to Autralia, not only because his parents were here, but his mother wanted Seidler to build their house. Seidler's occupation was architecture, so he immediately agreed to fly to Sydney, in 1948. Here, Seidler lived a happy life, and contributed to Australia with his architecture and international modernist ideas, including the Australian Square. On the ninth of March, 2006, Harry Seidler died in Sydney.


25/6/1923- Harry Seidler was born in Austria1948 - Harry Seidler moved to Australia9/3/2006 - Harry Seidler died in Sydney

Here are some of Harry Seidler's contributions to Australia:Harry Seidler built the Rose Seidler house [shown in the video below], Australia Square, MLC Centre, the Penelope House and QUI Centre.Some people say that Harry Seidler changed architecture for ever in Australia.

Harry Seidler has built some of the most amazing houses/ buildings that Australia has ever had and made a lasting impact on Australian architecture.


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Harry Seidler

Harry Seidler Interview

Harry Seidler interview

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Autralia Square

MLC Centre

Harry and Penelope Seidler house

Lasting Impact


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