[2011] Maia11 (5th Grade, bdsclass 15, Gehrig): Harry S. Truman

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[2011] Maia11 (5th Grade, bdsclass 15, Gehrig): Harry S. Truman

1884- Born1901 - Graduate high school, work in the mailing room1906 - Move to a farm in Grandview, Missouri, with his father until 19171918 - Sent to France for war, as a lieutenant and later, captain. Discharged in 19191934 - Elected as State Senate1945 - Became President1945 - Ordered American fliers to drop atomic bomb on Japan1972 - Died

Tell how this person has affected our world and lives still today

Harry S. Truman

"It is amazing whatyou can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."

"The atom bomb was no'great decision'.It was merely anotherpowerful weapon in thearesenal of righteousness."

"There is nothing new inthe world except the historyyou do not know."

Truman gives an atomic bomb speech

Harry Truman Quotes:Harry Truman Atomic Bomb Speech Youtube:World Book Online Harry Truman:Hamby, Alonzo L. "Truman, Harry S." World Book Advanced. World Book, 2014. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.


Biography (as the president)




Truman, 1884-1972

When president Franklin Roosevelt died, Harry Truman quickly took over, and he knew it was his responsibility, He was the vice president before that, and before that, he was part of the State Senate, and before that, he was a part of the French war as a lieutenant and captain. Harry Truman was only the vice president for 83 days before president Roosevelt died, on April 12, 1945. When Truman became president, World War ll was going on. He wanted to end it, but there were lots of decisions to be made. During the few weeks of his administration, the allies won victory in Europe. Scientists were making an atomic bomb, and Truman decided he would use the powerful, new bomb against Japan to end the war.


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