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Harry Potter

Author: J. K. Rowling

Title: order of the Phoniex

Main EventsHarry goes to hearing for using magicGets new Defense teacher from ministryForms dumbledore's armySaves Mr. Weasley from snake attackVoldemort tricks Harry into going to the ministrySirius dies

SettingsHogwartsAunt and Uncle's houseMinistry of MagicSirius's House

Main CharactersHarry PotterHermione GrangerRon WeasleyGinny WeasleyNeville LongbottomLuna LovegoodLord Voldemort



My Favorite Part

Voldemort wants a prophecy from the Ministry of Magic so he sends Death Eaters to get it. When this fails, he concocts a plan for Harry to steal it for him. Meanwhile, Harry returns to Hogwarts after narrowly after risking expulsion. He and his friends are stuck with new teacher, Dolorous Umbridge, who came straight from the Ministry. After speaking out to her many times, he gets in repeditive trouble. As Umbridge won't teach them, he forms Dumbledore's Army. Harry and friends return to Sirius's house after saving Mr. Weasley from dying from a snake bite. He is later tricked by Voldemort into coming to the Ministry, resulting in Sirius's death.

My favorite part is when Harry saves Mr. Weasley's life. I like this part because Sirius is so happy to be reunited with his godson and puts everyone into a Christmas spirit, helped by the fact that Mr. Weasly won't die from Voldemort's snake biting his arm.


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