[2015] Victor y Aitor: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

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[2015] Victor y Aitor: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

SettingsThe action in this book happens in England, in many places, principally in Hogwarts and London.

CharactersHarry Potter: he´s the main character of the books. He´s very famous because when he was 1 he did that Voldemoert dissapeared, but at the moment, he´s unpopular because he saw how Voldemort returned and nobody wouldn´t believe it.Hermione Granger: she´s one of the best Harry Potter´s friends. She´s the most intelligent at the school.Ron Weasly: he´s the best friend of Harry Potter. He has 4 brothers and one sister. His family is poor.Albus Dumbledore: he´s the Howgarts´ director. He´s one of the most famous magicians and a big counselor of Harry Potter.Dolores Umbridge: she´s a functionary og Magic Ministry and she was sent to the school to watch to Harry and Dumbledore.Lord Voldemort: his true name is Tom Riddle. He´s a dark magician, and dissapeared when he tried to kill to Harry Potter.

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Affter the Triwizard Tournament, Harry Potter gets come back to Hog-warts, but the battle have started. Nobody believes that lord Voldemort have returned, only a few of peple. They considered that Harry is dan-gerous and crazy. While he´s in holidays two dementors attack to Potter and he has to employ magic, despite that he knows that they can´t use it, and he goes to an audience. He wins, so he can goes to the school. But at the same time Harry has views watching a part of the ministeer that Voldemort like to enter, because inside there is an object that he wishes since a lot of time, because it will help to him to recover his power. At the same time, in the school, Harry have problems principally with Dolores Umbridge, who punish to him the most part of time, and with Severus Snape, that teaches to Potter to protect his mind of Voldemort because he can gives to Harry, false thoughts.

Finally, Voldemort gets to put a false thought where they show to Harry that he´s torturing to Sirius, so Potter decide to go to the ministeer and save him with a few of friends. But is a wrong clue, so when they arrive to there, they have to look for Black, and looking for him, they discover the prediction. Suddenly, a lot of death easters, appears demanding the prediction, but the students fight with them. They are losing, when some members of the Order of Phoenix help them. In this fight Sirius dies, but at the same time, the people believes that Voldemort have returned, so they are informing about it and a new war will be started soon, with the prediction thaat say that "While one of them continues on foot, anyone of the two could be survive".

Main EventsThe creation of Dumbledore´s army: is a group that Harry Potter and his friends do to learn "Defense against the dark arts", because Umbridge only teach the theory.The fight with the Death Eaters and Voldemort by a prediction: it was the battle by a prediction that there was in the Magic´s Ministeer, where some members of the Dumbledore´s Army and the Order of Phoenix fight against their enemies.The death of Sirius Black: Sirius is the Harry Pot-ter´s godfather. He dies by his cousin Bellatrx Lestrange in a duel.

In our opinion, that is one of our favourite books, in all the Harry Potter´s saga. We think it because it is very interesting, and the action happens principally in the school, and usually the teachers don´t know nothing about the things that the students do to save the magic world, a mission that the adults magicians should do.


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