Harry potter and the half blood prince

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Harry potter and the half blood prince


Title:Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Main EventsGInny and Harry started datting,Ron and Lavander started datting but thenRon breaks up with her.the whole time Ron and lavander are datting, Hermione is upset and jealous. Draco Malfoy joins the death eater. Dumbledore and harry realize the only way to kill voldemort is to destroy his horcruxes (parts of voldemorts soul that he put in objects. if they still exist, he cannot be killed.) they set out to find the horcruxes (dumbledore knows what objects they are.) Snape killed Dumbledore, and Draco becomes a death eater.

SettingsThe setting for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince are Hogwarts,Hogsmeade and the cave where the horcruxe is.

CharactersHarry PotterDraco Malfoy Ron WeasleyHermione GrangerAlbus DumbledoreGinny WeasleySeverus Snape


Problem, conflict


The genre of this book is ficiton/fansty

Voldemort is back, he and his death eaters are gain more power. They are attacking muggles and wizard openly. Harry and Dumbledore must collect all six horcruxe to defeat voldemort.

The end of this book are Dumbledore Died, Voldemort want to take over the world, and Harry is alone to find all of the Horcruxes.

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince is a good book has alot of action and a surprising twist so I definally recommed this book who are 12-16.


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