Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In the world of Harry Potter there is good and bad. Hogwarts is a school full of good people. Mostly. Terrible events keep happening that lead to one explenation; the chamber of secrets has been opened.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Meet and Greet

By J.K. Rowling


Can Harry figure out who is behind all of these unexplained events?

Hogwarts is closing. People are getting hurt. Harry is in danger.

This book is fantasy because there is lots of magic and fictional characters that would never exist in real life.

The overal lesson is that friends are important no matter what, and you might have to make difficult decisions to protect the ones you love.

Hermione Granger

Harry Potter

Ronald Weasley

Hermione Granger is a very intelligent girl that loves to please her teachers and be a over-achiever. She is always following the rules and is very disaprooving of Ron and Harry when they do something wrong. she can be bossy at times but her bright and cheery personality makes her a great person to be around.

Ronald Weasley is very funny and kind. He is a good friend to Harry and Hermione, and he is always helping them out. He is always getting in trouble with the school, which makes Hermione mad. Overall he is a great person that cracks jokes and likes to help others.

Harry Potter is smart, cunning, and brave. He is very curious and is always the one to pick up clues that start the adventure. He is very nice, and a really good teacher. He is a great friend, and Ron and Hermione have his back, and he has theirs.



Why should we read it?

People should read this book because it was a very interesting novel. When Harry and his freinds kept picking up clues, I just couldn't put it down. Be sure to read it early in the morning so you don't stay up all night trying to finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets!

People that are into Fantasy and Mystery should read this book. People should also consider this book if they like to read a big series, because there are seven books including this one! I would recommend this book to Mia, Asher, and Ellie, because I think that since they like fantasy, this book would be right for them.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsBy J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Srocerer's StoneBy J.K. Rowling

Who would like this book?


Grit is used by Harry Potter and his friendswhen they are in the chamber of secrets.Harry Potter uses gritto fight the monster inside the chamber. He has to fight for his friends' life and his asthis monster is trying to kill his. He also uses itto keep hope that hewill survive, because if he didn't have that, hewould lose hope andlet the monster win.

Grit is when someone struggles with a difficult situation and needs perserverance to push through it.

Harry Potter is s great book with lots of mystery, action scenes, and great moments. This is a great book that goes with an awesome series. I would highly suggest you read it. It will definitly bring you joy and magic.

What is Grit?



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