Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Cast>Daniel Racliffe-Harry Potter>Emma Watson-Hermione Granger>Rupert Grint-Ronald Weasley>Tom Felton-Draco Malfoy>Richard Harris-Professor Albus >Dumbledore>Alan Rickman-Professor Severus Snape>Maggie Smith-Professor Minerva McGonagall>Robbie Coltrane-Rubeus Hagrid>Kenneth Branagh-Gilderoy Lockhart>Jason Isaacs-Lucius Malfoy>Bonnie Wright-Ginny Weasley>Richard Griffiths-Vernon Dursley>Julie Walters-Molly Weasley>Christian Coulson-Lord Voldemort>Sean Biggerstaff-Oliver Wood>James & Oliver Phelps-Fred & George Weasley (respectively)>Mark Williams-Arthur Weasley>Shirley Henderson-Moaning Myrtle>Julian Glover-Aragog>Toby Jones-Dobby the House Elf>David Bradley-Argus Filch

Director:Chris ColumbusYear of Release:2002Genre:Fantasy/Mystery

The duelling scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one hour and three minutes into the movie and happens just after Harry hears Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall discussing how Colin Creevely became petrified and that the chamber of secret was opened again. Prof. Dumbledore mentions how Hogwarts isn't safe anymore. The dueling scene fits into the movie because it shows that Dumbledore wants the students to be able to defend themselves incase something happens having given Professor Lockhart permission to start the Duelling Club. This scene is very important because it shows Harry speaking parseltongue (snake language) in front of many students after Draco summons one while duelling with Harry, starting the rumor that Harry is Salazar Slytherin's heir and the one who's opening the chamber of secrets. This causes fear among many students, mostly muggle-born wizards and witches who are the targets of monster released from the chamber.

In the duelling scene long, high shots are used most often, probably to show the distance between Snape and Lockhart demonstrating and Draco and Harry fighting. Even though most of the time Draco and Harry are all the way across the stage from each other the high, long shots show the distances spells can travel physically, not to mention how far apart Harry and Draco are emotionally (probably not the right word) after all thats happened, used to being just casual hatred/rivalry and now even worse after Draco's comments about Hermione.The lighting at the beginning of the scene casts Lockhart in a very odd way compared to the other characters, his face is half dark even though there are large windows in the room that they're duelling in and everyone else on stage has their face lit evenly, this could be symbolic of Lockhart's two-face nature later on in the movie.


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