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[2015] 6Laurel M: Harry Potter

Literary Devices in Harry Potter

ClimaxThe highest emotional intensity in a plot. Example: In the 7th Harry Potter book , the climax is the point in the book towards the end when Harry and Voldemort duel to the death.

ConflictThe struggle between two opposing forces.Example: In the 2nd Harry Potter book the main conflict is to find out what in the Chamber of Secrets is taking kids and to stop it. This is a struggle between good and evil.

IronyWhen the outcome of a situation is opposite of what the reader might have expected.Example: In the Harry Potter series, the character Hermione Granger is a Muggle-born wizard which means her parents are not wizards, yet she know more about thr wizarding world than Ron does and he was born to a long line of Pure-bloods (wizard parents).

ForeshadowClues that hint at important plot developments that are to come.Example: In the very beginning of the 1st book Harry is shown speaking to a snake and he understands what the snake says back. this shadows the event in the 2nd book where the audience finds out Harry is a Parseltongue, he can speak to snakes which becomes a major plot point in the 2nd book.

SymbolismThe practice of using an object to represent something broader than itself. Example: In the 6/7th book the reader finds out that Voldemort has created horcruxes (peices of his soul in objects). In the 7th book Harry finds out that 3 of the 7 horcruxes are items represnting th Hogwarts Houses. The Ravenclaw diadem, the Hufflepuff goblet, and the Slytherin locket. These objects that have peices of Voldemorts soul in them symbolize his want to belong at Hogwarts and his love for the school.

SettingThe time and place of the action.Example: Throughout the Harry Potter series the main setting is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in present day England.

PersonificationIs giving nonhuman objects qualities of humans.Example: In Harry Potter the phrase, "The wand chooses the wizard" is thrown around a lot, a wand is not a human and can therefore not choose a wizard.

ThemeThe main idea of the story.Example: One of the themes of the entire HP series is the power of love. It is shown by the way that Harry survives Voldemort trying to murder him by the immensity of his mothers love for him. It is also shown through Harry making friends at Hogwarts, the love his friends show him helps the boy who has always felt like an outcast to feel like he belongs. There are also many other examples of this theme in the novel.

FlashbackInterrupts present action to tell what happened at an earlier time. Example: Many examples of this are associated with the Pensieve which allows you to look back at memories such as in the 6th book when Dumbledore shows Harry when he met Tom Riddle as a boy.

SuspenseThe quality in a literary work that makes the reader uncertain or tense about what is to come. Example: In the first Harry Potter book J.K. Rowling uses the setting to express suspense. One example of this is when Harry is sent into The Forbidden Forest for punishment. The name itself, "The Forbidden Forest" creates suspense as does the description of the forest.


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