Harry Houdini

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Harry Houdini

Hudini chose to be prideful and stubborn multiple times. At one time he became ill, when he damaged his appendix, the doctor told him that he had to stop working for about 8 monthes. He ingnored the doctor and continued to do his shows. By doing so, his appendix continued its pain and bugged him for the rest of his life. Later on when he allowed a man to punch his abdomen, it was his death sentance. This is all because he wanted to keep his name as the "Great Hudini". Sadly, this choice led him to his grave. the lesson learned from this is to listen to good advice and think about the consequences

A choice that Harry Hudini made was how he wanted to become famous and rich by being a magician. Born into poverty and grew up with it untill around 1900. Now Hudini made this choice simply because it was his dream. To do so he ended up reading book after book on magic and practiced magic too, nonstop. Because of his persistance to pursue his dream, he became a great magician and did not live in deep poverty.lesson learned is you should look forward to your dreams and do not give up on them.

The Great Harry Hudini(Born Ehrich Weiss, 1874- 1926)By:Andrea Nieman

Erich Weiss, later changed to Harry Houdini, was a man of illusion. He believed that he would one day become a famous and well known magician. And he did! Harry Hudini became famous by his frightning and daring tricks, though usually not really as they seemed.

When Hudini was a young boy, his father, Mayer Samuel Weiss, made him promise to take care of his mother. Because he always had a strong relationship with his mother, he felt responsible to do so and willingly take the burden up. By doing so he became even closer than he was before with his mother . He always tried to keeping in touch with her whenever he could. Others can learn from this choice on how we should keep our promises and truly care for the people we love.


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