Harry Houdini

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Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was easily the most magnificent magician ever to step on a stage, changing the American idea of an escape artist. At a young age Houdini lived in a small house with his parents in Appleton WI, poverty always being a problem. At only nine he had to start helping get dinner on the table so he joined a circus. By the time he was 40 he was the most famous, richest magician alive. This gave America inspiration to work hard and it will pay of. Also, he inspired America not only with his magic, but his route to success. He was everything from a shoe shiner to a airplane pilot. Finally, the night before a performance, a former boxer socked Houdini in his stomach before he could flex his abs. Later, after completing the next days show in agony, he found out that he burst his appendix. After a few days in the hospital Harry Houdini passed away on Halloween. The death of this amazing magician impacted all of America. Live entertainment was one of the most important and popular things in the 1920s because there was no TV or computers so magicians were very common. After Houdini, magic in general was completely redefined, and raised up to a next level.

1) How did he effect the world at the time?2) Why did he get so famous?3) How has he impacted the world today?1) Houdini impacted the world by redefining the term escape artist. He didn't even relate to past magicians because he was so much more talented and popular. All magicians and perfomers after Houdini have been impacked y his pure talent2) In the 1920s there wasn't any TV or compouters so live intermanement was one of the only ways to relave and watch others intertane you. Harry Houdini used that to get more and more famlus untill he was the most well know magician alive3) Even today, many lives have been impacted by Houdini. Magicans of all kinds have been forced to up the ante in their work because of him. Although he isn't alive now, he has raised the bar for other perfomers and made live intertanement much more interesting then and now.




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