Harry Houdini

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Harry Houdini


Harry Houdini

BEWARE!!!The information you are about to read is very classifed and private, so do not reveal it. We will soon reveal some of Harry Houdini's most amazing escapes from straitjackets, handcuff, even a water-filled milk can. Right now we are going to focus on his famous straitjacket escape.

When Houdini was in a straitjacket, he gained room by making his shoulders and chest bigger, moving his arms slightly away from his body, and then dislocating his shoulders. From there he would unfasten the clasp twisted around in the back.

Here's the infomation you wanted:At first, this trick was performed behind curtains, but after the audience assumed it was a hoax, Houdini began to do it in front of the curtains. Later he went to do it in public dangling from cranes in front of building attracting crowds.

By Rafia Ali


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