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 Harry Houdini

Harry Hodini was simple man that wanted to entertain people with magic. he started with cards and then continued with bigger escapes. He met his wife thanks to magic, they met on Coney Island where both were performing. Unfortunately he died on 1926 leaving a legacy which many magician followed.

-Harry Houdini changed his name three times -At the age of twelve he run away from home for about a year and joined many circuses -He liked cross country and swimming, he was an active person-Houdini was best known for his way to get out of police handcuffs and was later known as the Handcuffs king. -On 1917 one of his stunts almost killed him, in one of his buried alive stunts he almost got buried alive.-Some of the aspects that many people don’t know are that he was also a film writer, actor and aviator -He was the first person to fly over Australia.

Did You Know?

1874-Erik Weisz was born 1878- He moved to the US for a better future1891- He starts performing as a and changes is name to Harry Houdini1894- He meets Bess, later his wife1900- Harry and Bess tour in Europe1909- He flys over Australia1918- Starts movie carrier1926- He dies of appendicities.

Lasting Impact

He inspired almost all of the magician till this day, he is the best magician of all times.

Harry Houdini



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