[2015] Aidan Chu: Harriet's Daughter

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[2015] Aidan Chu: Harriet's Daughter

Making ConnectionsWe have all found ourselves in situations of discrimination or being different. Making connections to the characters in the novel's experiences make it easier to understand what the characters are going through. Connections can also make it fun to see how much you are like the characters.

Synopsis Two young girls act against their fathers' will as they play defiant games and speak of outrageous acts. Will they disobey their parent's order once more to change their lives forever?

"Things I would most like to see changed in my life." (Philip, 25)

"Yes Gran, dis is me special friend. How you say it Margaret, aab-so-lute friend? Is thanks to she, Gran, why me here today."(Philip, 150)

ResearchingSince there are many historical and factual references to Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad present, researching to learn more about the apparent topics and themes in the novel may help you further our understanding of the novel and the characters' movites for their actions.

"Harriet Tubman was brave and strong, and she was black like me. I think it was the first time I thought of wanting to be called Harriet - I wanted to be Harriet. " (Philip, 37)

Marlene Nourbese Philip


By: Aidan Chu

Family Love

Cultural Diversity


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