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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1822 under the name Araminta Ross in Dorchester Country, Maryland. As a child, she sustained several head injuries caused by her masters, one being from a steel weight. These injuries changed her for the rest of her life because they at times blurred her vision, and gave her small siezures. This decresed her value as a slave tremendously. Tubman adopted her mother's first name later in life, which is why it was changed from Araminta. Tubman and her brothers then escaped from slavery in September of 1849, but her brothers forced her back, but Harriet later escaped without them. Once north, Tubman joined the fight against slavery. She majorly helped out by traveling through the underground railroad, which was a number of stops along the east coast to help slaves escape. Harriet dedicated her life to the antislavery movement by later becoming a nurse in the Civil War. Tubman lived to be around 90 and died on March 10, 1913.


1822- Birth Year1844 - Married John Tubman1849 - Escaped from slavery1850 - Went on first underground railroad rescue.1862 - Became a Civil War nurse1869 - Married Nelson Davis1913- Year of death

Tubman put her freedo on the line to help others with the underground railroad.She joined the antislavery movement and helped tremendously to make people decide if slavery was right or not.She became a nurse to help the wounded in the Civil War.Harriet had also joined the Women's suffrage movement.

Lasting Impact

Harriet Tubman has impacted our lives today by showing complete selflessness, which she showed when she went back to the South to help other slaves, and how she even became a nurse in the Civil War to bring an end to slavery.


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Harriet Tubman





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