Harriet Tubman an American Hero

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Harriet Tubman an American Hero

Harriet Tubman, an American Hero

Five Facts about Harriet Tubman1. Harriet Tubman was born in 1820. For her first 29 years, she was a slave. (Mayer 6,10) 2. Thankfully, she lived in Maryland, a state close to the free north. (Mayer 6) 3. Like most slaves, Harriet could not read or write. She was illiterate. (Kulling, 26-27)

The Moses of her People

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Harriet Tubman is one of the true heroes of American history. She was both courageous and fearless. Though she was born a slave, she escaped from her owner and returned to the South numerous times to rescue more than 300 slaves. (Skelton 48) During the Civil War, she was determined to help the Union. She risked her life and served as a scout, cook, nurse and spy. (Kulling 30) Even when she was old, she showed her concern for people. She opened a home for old people and supported women's right to vote. (Skelton 46-7) At the end of her life, she was recognized both by Queen Elizabeth and the US government for her heroic actions. (Kulling 40)

4. In the 1850s, Harriet was a wanted woman. There was a 40,000$ reward for her capture. (Kulling 38) 5. In 1865, after the Civil War, all slaves were freed.


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