Harriet Tubman

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman went to the Democratic High School and married John Tubman and Harriet came back for him and he forgot about her and married anothre women and she dont have any childrenHarriet is kind, loyal, respectful, honest and she's also trust-worthy she promised to come back to lead her family to freedom and she did Harriet also helped slaves escape from slavery and she lead more than three-hundred slaves to fredom

Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 in Dochester country, Maryland. She dided in 1913 in Auburn, New York . Harriet's parents names are Rit and Ben her sisters names are Racheal, Soph , Mariah, and Linah and her brother's names are Ben, Moses Henry, Robert.The resources that I went to was Harriet Tubmam black history. com and I read Go Free Or Die

Harriet Tubman


Famous Works

The Underground Rail-Road ws a life-line for slaves escaping to freedom and Harriet Tubman was the undouted one of the most famous conductors. she hand to overcome that the fact that Harriet Tubman and her family were slaves and being treated badly she lead people to freedom so they dont have to be lynched stripped or raped even whipped.


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