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Healing Institute & the Universities for All

Everyone is Invited!

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The Universities for All is a large campus that houses all schools for adults and children. Education is affordable for all citizens, and childcare is provided at no cost. The campus offers any program citizens are interested in, and every building is state of the art. For example, all students are provided with their own laptops. Children even make their own robots in class! Since it is state of the art and affordable for all, each citizen is guaranteed a successful future.

The Healing Institute provide medical services for all citizens. Services are free for everyone, and like the Universities for All, it is also state of the art. Doctors and nurses have access to unlimited equipment and resources. They provide personalized service as well. For example, doctors and nurses routinely visit patient homes when they need them. They also teach citizens how to care for themseves through nutrition. The citizens of Harmony are healthy, because they have free, unlimited access to nutrition and healthcare from the Healing Institute.

The Pantry is where all citizens can relax and enjoy a good meal. Food from many cultures are served there, and it is always free. Citizens never go without a meal! It is designed to feel like home, with couches and dining room areas. All food is organic and grown in Harmony.

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Harmony is a modern day utopia.Three of the most important places in Harmony are the Universities for All, the Pantry, and the Healing Institute. Citizens in Harmony are very relaxed people. They do not have to work long hours or work positions they do not like. They are encouraged to be unique. People dress they way they want, and every culture interacts with each other. Leisure areas and activities are open to all citizens, at no cost. Crime is almost nonexistent, since citizens do not have to struggle to survive, and differences are celebrated. James, a chef, stated, "I love my job, because I am doing what I truly want to do. I make people happy by feeding them and giving them the opportunity to experience meals from many cultures. I convnce people to try new things. I often chat with guests, and I've gained friendships this way. My job allows me to spend quality time with my family several times a week. We go to the beach every Saturday and biking on Sundays. I only have to work four days a week. I am happy, healthy, and feel positive, as result of living in Harmony."Linda, a 25 year-old nurse and nutritionist, helps Harmony citizens to feel their best. She is also cheerful and offers her help when needed. Linda even visits the elderly to make sure they are maintaining their health. One of her patients said, "I don't know what I would do without her. She is such a calm, helpful person. She is always willing to help, and she's knowledgeable about current medical advances." Linda does not have children of her own yet, but since she only has to work a few days a week, she volunteers as a mentor to children. She spends time with them at Harmony's many parks, entertainment complexes, and beaches.


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