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IdealismRealism PragmatismExistentialism


(1) The Colonial Period: 1642-1776(2) The National Period: 1776-1850(3) Nineteeth -Century European Educators



BehaviorismCognitive Psychology

Curriculum Vision/Action Board

Society, Education, and SchoolingMoral Education Cultural of the SchoolCultural of the Classroom

-Philosophy is the centeral. -Philosophies of a school are the goal, content, and the organization of its curriculum.-A school reflects a several philosophies. -Beliefs and Values

1 Curriculums historical foundationImportance of Reading, writing, and spellingReligious requirements(50) Appointed Reading and writing teacher(100) Latin teacher to prepare for College

(2) New Mission for Education: Revoluntionary periodFree public schooling: Poplular government/ political freedomDevelopment of democracy, federal governement, emergering cultural natiionalism, religioud freedom, and new discoveries in natural science.

Germans influenaced the field of natural science , psychology, and sociology. - Pestalozzi- General and Special Methods- Swiss educator, laid the basis of modern day elementary school, and reform elemenary school practice. -Froebell- The Kindergarten Movement -A German Educator, developed (Kinfergartern: ( Children's garden) School was arranged around school and play. -Herbart- Moral and Intellectual Development- a German philospher known for contriburtions in to Moral development in education & creation of a methodology of instructional designed to estabklish a highly structured mode of teaching. -Spencer- An English social science who based his idea of eduaction on Charles Darwin's theory ( biological evolution).

Psychology is concerned with question of how people learn. It provide a basis for understanding the teaching and leaning process.

- Society's values beliefs, and norms are passed down to the next generation not just teaching them, but by emboying then into the education system. -Education can use for constructive or destructive ends, which promotes one type of political instiution, or ism, or another. Education of the young receive determines the extent of freedom and equality. -School serve a modern society by eduating its childen and youyj. The curriculum workier who helps determine eduation's content, activies, and enviroment plays a majore role in shaping and indirectly socializing students.



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