HArlem REnassiance

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HArlem REnassiance

Harlem Renaissance

The most powerful aspect of the Harlem Renassiance was the infulence of Jazz. Jazz was a mix of African drumbeats and Eurpoean instruments, usually improvised during the proformance.

Jazz artists wowed crowds of all races. Some of the more popular/infulential people in jazz was Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Bessie Smith.

The Harlem Renissance was centered in New York but Jazz came from New Orleans. ITs appeal was it being the first "American" music in its time.

Whites flocked to swanky clubs like Connie's inn and the Cotton Club, listening to black and white Jazz artists alike.

Although Jazz was a main part of the Harlem Renaissance it was more then just a musical awkakening. Poets, writers and artists along wih actors of every kind made Harlem creative during the 1920's

The artistic acheivments and music established a growing sense of black pride, being their big influences.

The Harlem Renaissance shapped popular culture in the 1920's with poetry, playwrights, music, and African American culture. Jazz became the first "American" music. The "New Negro" was born, by greatly influencing America. Making the 1920's the open minded era it was.


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