Harlem Renaissance

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African-American History

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Harlem Renaissance


Who benefited from this change? Why?

Both black and white benefited from this change, because it become famous and later dance by both black and white and it also bring joke and end racism in societies.

What was the harlem renaissance?

Is the movement of African American's culture which provided new directions for many African Americans as the sought to discover the source of their identity in art,literature,and music during the 1920s.

Who were the important peoples during the harlem renaissance

Thirdly is Bessie Smith she was known as the ''express of the blues''.

Finally is W.E.B.Dubois he worked diligently as an educator and political activitist to prove that the key to ending racism lay in education.



Lamin k Ceesay.

The harlem renaissance gave rise to the ''New Negro''proud of Black culture which is yet determined to fully participate in American life.With harlem in vogue during the 1920's,white peoples flocked to the neighborhood nightclubs and theaters,attracted by it's exotic and lively cultures.Many African Americans experienced a new self consciousness and awareness.Black folktales and music were discovered and rivitalized,serving as therapy for both Black and White. Harlem's artists who included painters,sculptors,and dancers as well as writers and musicians were very conscious.They promoted and advanced Black talent,searching for black identity and a place within american society.They projected a black image that was respectable and strong,with character triumphing over race.Yet Blacks were proud of their distinctive characteristics,too,and did not want to reject their past,although cultural integrity and commercial success were sometimes in conflict. White americans courted cultivated harlem's subculture.White patrons gave encouragement and funding to Black talent,sometimes serving as guide and judges as well,and provided schorlarships,grants, and outlets from Black artists particularly for writers.This dependency of Black artists had the potential to subvert Black sensibilities and interest,for some patrons to had their own agendas. Major publishing companies accept and sought out black talents.non of the Black writers works became best sellers,but they sold enough copies to warrant continued support by white publishers and critics.although discrimination in the publishing industries was not entirely eliminated, post 1920's Black writers found more doors open to them than it was in the earlier generations.

Secondly is Duke Ellington he was responsible for 2,000 jazz compositions in his lifetime.

There are many important peoples during the harlem renaissance.

first is Zora Neale Hurston he was a writer who become the first african american student to receive a bachelor's degree from banard college.

Furhter notes for the significants

Harlem renaissance is important because is the movement of African Americans and their culture from the South to the North in search of better oppotunities in the North. The first reason why harlem renaissance is significant is because it gave rise to the ''Negro''proud of Black culture which is yet determined to fully participate in american life.Another reason why Harlem renaissance is signicant is because it promoted and advanced Black talent,searching for Black identity and a place within American society.

In addition is langston hughes he was an American poet,novelist,and playwright whose African American themes made him a primary contributor to the harlem renaissance.


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