Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem Renaissance


Known as the African American revolution in Harlem after World War 1. The climax was in the 1920s and it ended in the 1930s. The movement was primarily for art, theater, literary, dance, and music.

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Chick Webb

Langston Hughes

In the harlem renaissance, I wrote novels, poems, and plays. I dropped out of Columbia University and spent all of my time in harlem, writing. I died of cancer in 1968

My name is William Henry Webb but they call me Chick. I was a jazz swing drummer. At 17 I started my own band in Harlem. I was known as the "King of Swing"

How did this affect the US?The harlem Renaissance shaped black culture as well as started many new things that people in america enjoy today. Many famous art work and authors were in Harlem during the 20's. Harlem was a place where blacks could express themselves and learn without being criticized and looked down upon. Without the Harlem Renaissance, a variety of different things would not be present in todays world.

EducationWith the new amendments being passed towards african american rights, many peole in the north still did not see blacks as people equal to themselves. This resulted in schools having poor environments for blacks. Schools in Harlem gave education to all blacks even if the school was in bad condition.

Books Published-Home to harlem--Nigger Heaven--The blacker the Berry-Books, literature, art, etc. in the harlem renaissance in many cases told stories of African American past. The books being published were by authors in Harlem that wanted people to see their side of the story instead of just the white man.

The Cotton ClubNightclubs were very big during the 20's and the Cotton Club was one very popular one. Clubs were one way blacks could perform in a public audience. It was a hotspot for illegal alcohol during the prohibition! Guests enjoyed the Clubs Chorus Line that futured all African Americans. The good purpose of the club was that it expressed black talent and their capability.

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