Harlem Renaissance

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African-American History

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Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

-Many believed the solutions to their problems during this period, which was directly after the first World War, could be found by divulging into their cultural and regional origins (background).-One of the places where this belief was very popular was in Harlem, New York during this period known as the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance- an explosion of art, literature, music, poetry, and so many other forms of entertainment. A new generation of Black artists and intellectuals filled Harlem with their own representation of not only their culture but the culture of their ancestors.

Harlem, New YorkBefore the first World War, Harlem, New York was a wealthy, suburban in northern Manhatten, After the war it became on of the most influential African-American communities. By the 1920's, It was the center for poetry, literature, and art which was derived from their African roots.

There were:~Nightclubs (Cotton Club)~Theaters (Ribald music comedies and vaudeville acts)**Many white New Yorkers traveled to Harlem for music and theater but the majority of those who were viewing were African Americans**

Alain LockeA leader of the Harlem RenaissanceAssembled a collection of black writings, in 1925, titled The New Negros. These writings were from none other than: Zora Neale HUrston, Langston HIghes, Countee Cullen, and Claude Mckay.

Aaron DouglasTalented painter and chronicler of the African American experience.Comissioned to create murals in universities and colege buildings.

Claudia Angelyn Robert

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