Harlem Renaissance Comparative Analysis Gallery

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Harlem Renaissance Comparative Analysis Gallery

Harlem RenaissanceComparative Analysis Gallery

This watercolor by Hayden depicts four men at a poker table playing cards, and two men in the background playing pool. The men playing cards appear to be on high alert, as if they are doing something wrong. I also noticed that there is a wine glass on the table. This could be why the black men are all looking around because during the Harlem Renaissance the prohibition was going on. If the black men get caught with liquor they will be arrested and sent to prison by the white cops. This piece can relate to The Watermelon Race because both paintings depict African American men participating in the African American lifestyle.

We Four In ParisPalmer Hayden

This painting by William Johnson is a metaphorical interprutation for the way African Aremicans were being treated by "white" America. The black men are wearing prison uniforms in the painting to show that the backs were prioioners to society and had no freedom. The shovels and pick axes that the men are carrying show that the African Americans at the time were very hard working people. The main quality of the Harlem Renaissance that this image portrays is the image of racial inequality of blacks.

This painting is a derogatory depiction of a black stereotype. Most everyone sees this painting as a racial stereotype which is why Palmer Hayden was a rather controversial painter during the Harlem Renaissance. This piece of art would have been socially more acceptable in the 1920s than it is today. It shows what lower class Blacks did for fun. This fits the characteristics of the Harlem Renaissance because those of the majority of the works of art pertaining the African American culture and way of life.

The Watermelon RacePalmer Hayden

Moon Over Harlem is a picture that regards a incident that happened in Harlem one night that ultimately ignited many African American riots. A heat exchange between an African American woman and a white police afficer took place, leading to a fist fight between the police officer and a black soldier who was standing up for the black woman. Long story short, the white police officer ended up shooting the black soldier in the arm. When word about this incodent got out, many black Americans all over the country were enraged and started riots. This just shows how much tension there was between races there was in american during the Renaissance.

Nikko Valdes, Sean Seawall, and Tyler Watson

Chain GangWilliam H. Johnson

Moon Over HarlemWilliam H. Johnson


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