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Harim Lee

Battle of Quebec (1690): -between the colonies of New France and Massachusetts - failed English attempt to capture the city during the Nine Years' War

Battle of Quebec (1775): - between American Continental Army forces and the British defenders of the city of Quebec - failed American attempt to capture the city during the American Revolutionary War

- British attempt to attack Quebec in 1711 in the North American theatre of the War of Spanish Succession. - It failed because of a shipping disaster on the Saint Lawrence River, when seven transports and one storeship were wrecked and some 850 soldiers drowned.

If I lived in Quebec, I would have chosen my life as a farmer. I wouldn't be a soldier because I might die during wars or from diseases since the soldiers lived in unsanitary conditions. I would also get poorly paid and had to stay away from my family. Although farmers had to grow crops and raise animals to support themselves without getting paid for about ten days a year, and give a portion of their production to the seigneur as rent, they lived more peacefully with their families in better conditions.

Quebec Expedition

Battle of Quebec

Upper town/Lower town

A Farmer vs. A Soldier?

Lower Town and Upper Town have always been culturally, economically, and geographically separated by a large cliff.

Upper Town is more crowded, active, just like Toronto, and has more new buildings. Le Chateau Frontenac, the hotel that grade 7 and 8 students stayed, and Plains of Abraham are located in Upper Town. It is atop 10, grew up to accommodate the government of New France as well as being the location of the military barracks.

Lower Town is a site of the original settlement, is built on the low-lying ground bordering the St Lawrence. Lower town is less crowded, quiet, has preserved more heritages.

I would prefer to live in Upper Town, because it is more active and crowded than lower town, just like Toronto. Upper Town also has more history.

Quebec City

Battle of Plains of Abraham


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