harcourt theme 1 week 2

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harcourt theme 1 week 2

Harcourt Theme 1, Week 2

This week, you have been learning more about letters of the alphabet. You can sing your ABC's and name some letters! We have been learning our numbers, too. Did you count the animals in the story "Moo, Moo Brown Cow?" In kindergarten, you have to be good at following directions. Click on the smiley faces to practice what we have been learning!

Can you match the capital and lower case letters?

Can you name the letters with this song?

Help Leona find the letters!

Listen to Rosita to get ready for the fiesta!

Will you put Bert's things in the right places?

Can you help Diego put the animals on the train?

Dial the phone to call the Wonder Pets!

Count with Face!

Can you match numbers with pictures?


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