Hapshepsut---Social Studies Pharaoh Project

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Hapshepsut---Social Studies Pharaoh Project

HapshepsutbyAbby E.

~her sister is Nefrubity~daughter of Tuthmose 1 and Ahmose, one of his wives~married her half-brother Thutmose 2 when she was around 12 years old~she had two daughters; Neferure and Merytre-Hapshepsut~she was regent to Thutmose 3, her step-son/nephew

Her name was Hapshepsut, meaning "foremost of noblewomen" untill she changed it to "Maatkare" after becoming pharaoh. It means "truth is the soul of the Sun God Ra".

Complete Name and Meaning

1.) She was the first female pharaoh to reign-which is pretty impressive.2.) The voyage to Punt-around modern day Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan- there they traded for fragrant woods, myrrh-resin, fresh myrrh trees, ebony, ivory, and green gold of Emu.3.) She created amazing building projects: Qasr Ibrim, Semna, Faras, Buhen, the "Palace of Ma'at", Deir el-Bahari, and more.


ruled during the 12th dyanasty

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born in 1508 B.C. and died in 1457 B.C.

how she became pharaohHer husband died, leaving his heir Thutmose 3, Hapshepsut's step-son/nephew. She became his regent, basically ruling as king and queen. She claimed that her mother, Ahmose, had her with Amen-Ra and her human father claimed her as his heir, and became the first female pharaoh.

she ruled between 1473 B.C. and 1457 B.C.

Hapshetsup's temple/tomb,Der-el-Bahri


Since she was the first female pharaoh, she acted and dressed like a male so that the people would accept her. Which they did of course, in fear of being excecuted because of defying the pharaoh. In some statues she depicted herself as a male but with her face and a slimmer waist.

Her nephew/step-son, Thutmose 3 became pharaoh when she died. He tried to deface her by taking down momuments, etc. in her name. Possibly, he did this because he wanted to get credit and become more powerful.


Death:~died of cancer~had diabeties when she died~was wearing red and black nail polish when she died

how people reacted