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happy bunny


01. Life, Get One02. You Suck and That's Sad03. School Prepares You For The Real World, Which Also Sucks04. Love Bites05. I Just Realized I don't Care06. You Suck Big Time07. I Hate Everything08. Hi, Dorkwad09. Hi, Loser10. Cute But Psycho11. Cute But Psycho Things Even Out12. You Suck Big Time13. Whatever, You Moron14. Hi, Scumbag15. You Bite It, Big Time16. Hi, Cram It17. You're So Dumb18. Work Is For *****19. Love Sucks, Big Time20. Since You're Gross, Shouldn't You Be Smart21. Hey, You're A Dope Right22. Just Not A **** Giver I Guess23. Boys Lie and Kind of Stink24. Hating You Makes Me All Warm Inside25. It's Ok If You Want To Drop Dead26. Prevent Violence Give Me Your Lunch Money27. Gosh, Old People Suck28. Thank You For Not Making Me Kill You29. Wow, You're Ugly30. You Smell Like Butt31. Not Listening32. Crazy Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It33. I Know How You Feel, I Just Don't Care34. I'm Not Mean, You're Just A Sissy35. It's All About Me, Deal With It36. Hi, Eat Me37. I Hate You So Bad38. Have A Great Day You Worthless Turd39. It Worries Me How Dumb You Are40. Let's Focus On Me41. Bite It Sideways42. Cute But Kind Of Evil43. Fzuckit44. Hey, You Made Me Throw Up A Little45. I Love Boys, They're Stupid46. Me Want Hurt You47. You're So Gross, I'm So Hot48. Butts Cheerfully Kicked49. Not That Bad, Not That Good Either50. Eeny, Meeny, Hiney, Moe51. If You Want Your Butt Kicked Just Ask52. Make The Stupid People Shut Up53. Me Want Kick You54. You're Icky55. Whatever, You Moron56. Let's Go Find Some Boys To Beat Up57. Skool Makes You Sooper Smartt58. Despising You Makes Me All Warm Inside59. Let's Keep Notes On Who Pisses Us Off60. People I Don't Hate So Much61. Love Stinks Big Time62. I've Been Naughty, So What63. I Just Don't Listen64. Sucky Losers Not Allowed65. You're Morning Breath Smells Like Butt66. Mornings Suck Big Time67. Bottoms Up68. Hi, I'm Gonna Hurl69. Trespassers Butchered70. Bitches I Hate71. I Hear The Other Ucky People Calling You72. Kiss Me Right On The Pooper73. You Smell Like Doody74. Your Anger Makes Me Happy75. Cruel But Cute76. Hey, Making Out Is Fun and Gross77. Your Lips Are Kinda Ucky78. It's Cute How Stupid You Are79. I Think I Gave You Crabs80. Do You Suck At Everything Or Just Cards81. Don't Cheat Unless You're Playing For Money82. It's Sad How Bad You Suck83. Let's Talk The Chicks Into Strip Poker84. They All Know You're Bluffing85. They Looked At Your Cards While You Were Taking A Leak85. Wow, This Hand Made Me Throw Up A Little86. Uck It Smells Like Teachers87. Teachers Are Funny88. School Makes Me Throw Up A Little89. It's Fun To Write Things About The Bitches I Hate90. Everybody Is A Dick91. I Love Everybody Except You Pinheads92. Plotting Revenge Is Fun93. It's Not My Fault You're Dumb94. Run Along And Die Now95. Cute But Stinky Things Even Out96. I'm Cute, I Get It, Put Me Down97. One Of Us Stinks98. This Ain't Gonna Change Itself Pal99. Look How Cute My Parents Used To Be100. Hitting The Bottle Again101. Call Someone who doesn't suck 102. Buy me stuff and I'll be nicer103. I did it but I'm blaming you104. Give me your number like I'd ever call you 105. It's cute how you think I am listening to you106. I Sincerely Want You To Genuinely Worship Me107. A Makeover? You need to be runover108. Once I saw a boy who was not stupid 109. You go Girl and don't come back110. Me just like you only better111. You ugly people are nice but you gotta go

made by Erica


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