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Hanukkah, Chanukkah or also known as Festival of Lights is a Jewish holiday celebrated for eight days and nights. It starts on the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev, which coincides with late November-late December on the our calendar.In Hebrew, the word "hanukkah" means "dedication." The name reminds us that this holiday marks the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E.


Jewish holiday

According to Jewish law, Hanukkah is one of the less important Jewish holidays. However, Hanukkah has become much more popular in modern practice because of its proximity to Christmas.

Every community has its unique Hanukkah traditions, but there are some traditions that are almost always practiced. They are: lighting the hanukkiah, spinning the dreidel and eating fried foods.



fried food

Every year it is common to celebrate the miracle of the Hanukkah oil by lighting candles on a hanukkiah. The hanukkiah is lit every night for eight nights. Because Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil, it is traditional to eat fried foods

A popular Hanukkah game is spinning the dreidel, which is a four-sided top with Hebrew letters written on each side.


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