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Hans Zimmer

Composer LifeIn 1988 he was asked to score "Rain Man". He scored the Lion King and it earned him an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, an American Music Award, a Tony, and two Grammy Awards. Zimmer also scored I'll Do Anything, Man of Steel, and more.

Hans Zimmer

Life before ComposingHans Zimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse Germany on September 12, 1957. His full name is Hans Florian Zimmer. He was raised and educated mainly in England. Zimmer is still alive.

"Here I Am"by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer

"Rain"by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of Hollywood’s most innovative musical talents. He featured in the music video "Video Killed the Radio Star", helped usher in a new era of global entertainment, and pioneered the use of combining old and new musical technologies.

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