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Hans Strand

Hans Strand

River, South Coast, Iceland 2009

Rapadalen, Sarek N.P. Lapland, Sweden, August 1996.

Abisko Canyon, Abisko National Park, Sweden, September 2007.

Hans Strand was born in 1955 in Marmaverken, Sweden and lives in Hagersten, a southern suburb of Stockholm, Sweden with his wife Carina and daughter, Johanna. He devoted himself into taking landscape photography as a hobby after nine years in mechanical engineering. He as the entire world as his work place, he photographs everything from the vast expanses of the Artic to steaming rainforest and dry deserts. Strand's work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions and magazines as well. He sells his photographs as limited editions fine art prints and uses both injet and Lightjet printers to print them. Hans Stand has published three landscape photography books, and is now working on two others that are on Artic and Iceland photography.

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