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Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein the younger was born in 1497 in Augsburg, Germany.He and his older brother moved to Basel, Switzerland where he met Erasmus.When he met Erasmus he was asked to illustrate the satire in Erasmus's new book which led him to illustrating other books for people like Martin Luther. When Basels Reformation happened Hans moved to England for 2 years but then moved back to Basel.He married Elsbeth Schmid and they had 4 kids together but in later years he left them behind and moved back to England.When he was in England in 1543 he contracted the bubonic plague and later died.


1115- Moved to Basel, Switzerland.1523- created a painting called Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam.1526- Moved to England looking for work.1528- Moved back to Basel working for the town hall.1532- moved back to England leaving his family behind.1543- was painting another potrait of King Henry when he died.

In 1519 he was admitted to the painters guild of Basel, painting churches and even the town hall.From 1526 to 1528 he sucessfully found a job in England painting many portraits including one of Sir Thomas More.In 1536 he was officially named court painter by King Henry VIII.

Lasting Impact

Hans Holbein the younger impacts our world today by the technique he used in most of his paintings, perspective which then was new and now shows people of today how to use perspetive when painting.


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Hans Holbein The Younger



Hans Holbein the younger, royal painter


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