Hans Haagerup

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Hans Haagerup

Did you know that George Vancouver and James Cook discovered the island.Henry Hudson was a british explorer and navigator.He wanted to discover the northwest passage.

This is Simon Fraser.

First ContactAbout 500 years ago the aboriginals and Europeans met because the Europeans wanted to claim the aboriginals land.The Europeans also brought diseases and guns and some aboriginals died from the disease's that the Europeans brought with them.

The aboriginals didn't know how to cure the disease's and that is why lots of aboriginals died.

Some of the diseases the Europeans brought with them were the flu and measles.They also brought guns and gun powder and fur pelts.They had so many fur pelts some animals were almost extinct.The guns the Europeans brought with them changed the aboriginals lives.

This is James Cooks ship.

Early Canadian ExplorersBy:Hans Haagerup


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    Hans you've done an excellent job of getting your glog started. How might you add some additional details to show your understanding about what the First Contact was like for the aboringinals when the early exploreres arrived in North America? At this point your glog would earn a 3; but with greater detail you could easily aim for a 4!