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Hans Geiger

FACTSBorn in 1882 in GermanyStudied physics at the University of MunichReceived his doctorate in 1907His mentor was Ernest RutherfordHe began a series of experiments with RutherfordInvented the Geiger Counter in 1908

Hans Geiger



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Hans Geiger became a well-known nuclear scientist because he had created the Geiger Counter.

The Geiger Counter is a device that detects how much radium there is based off of how many ions are present. It can be used to detect how dangerous something containing radium is.




Hans Geiger was born in 1882His father was a professor at the University of ErlangenGraduated from Erlangen Gymnasium in 1901In 1906, he studied physics at the University of Munich and the University of ErlangenHe and Rutherford created a machine that counted released alpha particles in 1908Geiger's research was interrupted between 1914-1918 because of WWI, in which he foughtIn 1925, Geiger and Mueller developed and perfected the Geiger CounterIn 1936, Geiger wrote a paper to Hitler that told him he shouldn't have the government interfering with scienceGeiger passed away in 1945


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Hans Geiger

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