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Hans Geiger

Hans Geiger

Early lifeHans Geiger was born as Johannes Wilhelm Geiger on Sep. 30, 1882 in Neustadt an der Haardt, Germany. He attended the University of Munich majoring in physics then later achieved his Phd in 1906 from the University of Erlangen. From 1907 to 1912 he worked at the University of Manchester in England as an assistant and collaborator with Ernest Rutherford. It was here that he first thought about ways to count alpha particles.

Greatest achievementCo-invented the Geiger-Muller Counter with Walther MullerHans Geiger and his partner Walther Muller invented the Geiger-Muller Counter. The Geiger-Muller Counter is a particle detector that was created to count the alpha particles in iodizing radiation. The device is made up primarily two parts: the Geiger-Muller tube and processing electronics. The video to the right gives both a brief bio of Hans Geiger and further explains the parts of the Gieger-Muller Counter that revoluntionized detecting radioactivity.

The Hughes Medal is an award that was initially "made for original discoveries particularly related to electricity and magnetism or their applications." Hans Geiger was awarded this medal in 1929 for his invention of the Geiger Counter and his discoveries in counting alpha and beta particles.

Other work

Later lifeHans Geiger returned to Germany in 1914 to German National Institute for Science and Technology to further his studies about atomic structure.Geiger served as an artillery officer in WWI. From 1919-1936 Hans contined his studies of atomic structure and radioactivity at University of Tübingen. In 1925 he accepted a job as a professor at the University of Kiel. In 1928, Geiger improved his first designs of the Geiger counter with physicist Walther Muller. The new version they created was called the Geiger-Muller counter and was Geiger's greastest achievement. Geiger died on September 24, 1945, at 62 years old in Berlin, Germany.

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Hughes Medal

Hans Geiger was one of Ernest Rutherfords best researchers. They were partners from 1907-1913. Ernest Rutherford first discovered the nucleas of the atom in 1911 while he was working closely with Geiger. They developed several methods for dedecting alpha particles which was undoubtly a precursor for Hans' counter. They also proved that alpha rays are doubly-ionized.

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