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Hans Augusto Rey

Hans Augusto Rey

Author of Curious George

fun facts-Born September 16th, 1898 and died on January 1st, 1977-Born in Hamburg, Germany near the famous Hagenbeck Zoo where he grew to love animals-Rey met his wife Margarete when they were young. They were seperated and then found each other again in 1935-They left their family buisnesses and ventured off to Europe where Rey's first book was published-His inspiration for his books came from animals at the Hagenbeck Zoo

Hans Augusto Rey's Books

The first Curious George Book published in 1941 by Houghton Mifflin

Raffy and the 9 monkeys was the first book Rey had published.


Curious George's Website

Reading of the original Curious George

Movie Trailer for Curious George



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