Hans and Sophia Scholl

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Hans and Sophia Scholl

Vivian C.Ms.HillPeriod 6

Hans and Sophie Scholl German Registers of the White Rose

Describe Hans Scholl

Describe Sophie Scholl

Hans SchollBorn in September 22,1918Ingersheim, GermanyDied on Feburary 22,1943Munich, GermanyHans actual name is Hansen. He was described to be lively and restless as a child. In school he was taught to be loyal to the Nazi Party, he joined Hitler Youth at the age of 15. But after observing Hitler's Storm Troops, he dropped out from disgust by the Storm Troops actions. In his opinion, he thinks that everyone should be able to live their lives the way they believed was rightm and not as the Nazis told them. After they got caught from their little trip to the University of Munich and after their trial, they were sentenced to death. He was brave till the end.

Sophie SchollBorn in May 9,1921Forchtenberg, GermanyDied in Febuary 22,1943Munich, GermanySophie was described to be intellegent and kind. She was also part of Hitler Youth, but for girls. But Sophie didn't agree with the Nazis. She got in minor trouble as she spoke her opinions of Nazis ideas. Sophie joined the White Rose with Hans to demand passive resistance to the war and for the overthrow the Nazi, leader Adolf Hitler. Sophie once wrote in a letter, "In school they told us that a German's attitude to his country is deliberately subjective and partisan. Unless it is deliberately objective, impartial and everhanded, I can't accept it." (Page 37) After being caught at the University of Munich, Sophie kept her calm.

What was the White Rose?

Hans Scholl (left) with his sister Sophie Scholland their best friend Christoph Probst (right).

The White Rose was a group that opposed Adolf Hitler, an anti-Nazi group. The leaders of this group was Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst. The group contained students and one of the professors from the University of Munich. Sophie was more conviced that the resistence is essentail after she learned that the SS has been removing metally disabled children from hospitals and killing them in gas chambers. They made small movements so they do not get caught. Their movements were probably one of the most famous movements in history. Some of the members served the German army, they were able to gain some valuable information because of that. After making leaflets that had things that says "Down with Hitler!" and other things, and sending them to random people. During the process of placing stacks of leaflets in the halls of the University of Munich, Hans and Sophie Scholl were caught by a janitor who turned them in to the SS. They were sentenced to death.

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Hans and Sophie Scholl were questioned for four days before the trial. Their trial was to be on Febuary 22. They were arrested, along with Christoph Probst. The person who was running their trial was Roland Friesler. Sophie, Hans, and Christoph were then brought into People's Court in Berlin, on Febuary 22, 1943. They were in trial for a few hours, after those few hours, they were commited for treason and was sentenced to death. But during those hours, Sophie had surprised them all. Sophie Scholl shocked everyone in the courtroom when she remarked to Freisler: “Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare to express themselves as we did.”So on by one, they were beheaded. Just before the blade fell, Hans cried: "Long live freedom!"

A memorial of the time when Sophie Scholl threw papers from the top floor. Now placed in front of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Analyze the picture below

People's Court in Berlin (Roland Freisler center)

The graves of Hans and Sophie Scholl.


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