Hannah's Hope

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Hannah's Hope

"Because maybe if it wasn't too late. Maybe, if Mike Connor was the daddy in her memories, she could find him again and they could start up loving each other where they left off all those years ago." (pg. 12)"And, when it came to miracles, how important it was to believe." (pg. 127)http://www.christianbookpreviews.com/christian-book-detail.php?isbn=0446532363


Conflict: Hannah was taken by surprise when she discovers Jack Roberts is not her real father. She has difficulties finding her biological father, Mike Conner. Setting: This story takes place in Washington, D.C. (Hannah's school) and Iraq & Baghdad (her Father's military)Climax: When her father's plane is shot down, and Hannah begins to lose hope.Protagonist: Hannah, Buddy Bingo, and her mother and father are the protagonists in this story. Genre: The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. Resolution: When Mike Connor escapes the prison he is held captive in, and receives Hannah's phone call. Quickly after, he jumps on a plane and returns home to see her. Point of View: This entire book is from the point of view of the Narrator. Theme: One of the major themes throughout the book is to never give up on big opportunities because God is an even bigger than our hardships. Restoration of hope is another theme, too. Characterization as shown by two other characters: Buddy bingo: role-model, faithful, loyal Hannah's Mother: stern, transformed, sensitive


Hannah is...- compassionate- loving- perseverant- faithful

BY:Karen Kingsbury


Hannah's Hope


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