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Cotton Candy

John Wharton

William J. Morrison

These two got a patent on the cotton candy machine in 1899.

They sold about 68,655 boxes at 25 cents a piece.

It was first sold at a fair in 1904.

Its made by heating sugar and spinning it out through tiny holes

Which was a lot of money at that time

It was originally called fairy floss, but was later changed to cotton candy.

In 1900 he got a patent his cotton candy invention.Using a gas-fired rotating plate to spin caramelizing sugar, he was able to form threads of cotton candy with a fork.

This is Thomas Patterson.

Sometimes at fairs you can get cotton candy in a certain shape. The most common and easiest to make would be a flower.

Some places do still call it fairy floss.

You don't have to go to a fair to get cotton candy. Some stores sell it and you could buy a machine to make home made.

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