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hannah Bowen

The Dutch Empire

Political- Charles V was in charge of the 17 provinces which later became the Dutch Republic. Economy-Dutch East India Company was a joint-stock company, which started trade with just spices (cloves) and later became more worldwideReligion- after the eighty Years war, The dutch became a independent Prodastant republic, and the cities had catholic backrounds. Also Calvinism was practiced.Social-Social staus was based on wealth-emperors and high royalty was the high class, merchants and aristocrats were the middle class, while farmers and shopkeepers became the lower class. Most of Dutch had a high living standards. Inovations-advances in ships that were bigger and held more cargo. also had the lanteen sail so that the ship was easy to turn and move.Art-17th century was the golden age for dutch art, had artists like Rembrandt van Rijn, and Jacob van Ruisdael. landscapes and portraits were common.

Power was consolidated by the Dutch establishing a trading empire in the Indian Ocean where they used a separate army known as the RDIA (Royal Dutch Indies Army) to enforce their comands.

The Dutch Empire was a republic when it came to their government style, while the Russian Empire was an absolute monarch.

The Dutch used weponized ships to help control the expansion of the empire. their naval power rose rapidly and dominated Global Commerce during the second half of the 17th century.

Invasions of the French and Spain, the Dutch Rovolt, and the Eighty years war were all challenges that The Dutch empire faced during this time period.

The Dutch empire's intitail goal was to develope trade links for prized commodities (such as pepper) and as time progressed they became involved in the control and development of different teritories, because most transportation was through the Dutch East India Company.

Dutch vs. Russian Empire



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